Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Electricity & Magnetism in the Science Classroom

Electricity & Magnetism in the Science Classroom

Note: This is an Online Class

When: 5/17- 7/25
Cost: $417/credit, 3 graduate credits
Course number: 61119
Instructors: Chris Emery and Mary Mawn

This course is an introduction to the basic concepts of electricity and magnetism, and provides teachers with hands-on investigations and lab activities as an integral part of the course. Through this course, participants' will recognize and utilize the skills of inquiry learning in the design and implementation of science curricula in their own classrooms. Skills such as: designing investigations; collecting, organizing and presenting data; identifying patterns; using math as a tool for analysis, and a basis for making inferences; communicating with others using "scientific language"; learning to ask new questions and to redesign investigations based on new, understanding will be presented and reinforced throughout the course.

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(Not a Northeastern University Program)

Monday, May 3, 2010

MITS 2010 Summer Institutes

2010 Summer Institutes

MITS, Inc. Museum Institute for Teaching Science
Interactions in the Sciences: Observe, Investigate, Explain Explore how
cycles, processes and systems connect life, physical and earth science

July 6-9 & July 12-16
For Upper Elementary and Middle School Educators

A minds-on, hands-on professional development experience that will
provide you with scientific knowledge, classroom investigations and a
network of resources.
Offered in seven regions of Massachusetts and southeastern New Hampshire.

Spend 1-2 days at each partner organization as you participate in
content and skill development sessions taught by professional educators,
scientists and content experts. Daily activities include both indoor,
inquiry-based classroom experiences and outdoor, field experiences.

Berkshire Region: Berkshire Museum, Center for Ecological Technology, MA
DCR, Housatonic Valley Association

Boston Region: Boston Children's Museum, Harvard Museum of Natural
History, New England Aquarium, Zoo New England

Cape Cod/South Shore Region: Cape Cod Maritime Museum, National Marine
Life Center, OceanQuest, South Shore Nature Center

Merrimack River Region: Amoskeag Fishways Learning and Visitors Center,
Beaver Brook Association, MA DCR, Nashua River Watershed Association

North Shore Region: Gloucester Maritime Heritage Center, HOBBES, Inc.,
MAS Endicott and Ipswich Regional Centers, Schooner Adventure

Southeast Region: Buttonwood Park Zoo, Lloyd Center for the Environment,
MAS Oak Knoll Wildlife Sanctuary, New Bedford Whaling Museum

Worcester Region: EcoTarium, MAS Wachusett Meadow Sanctuary, MA DCR, Tower Hill Botanic Garden, Worcester Art Museum

. using inquiry-based, hands-on methods in your classroom
. resources at cultural institutions in your area
. life cycles and food chains in local habitats
. using interactive models to explain geology and climate
. ways that chemical and physical factors shape habitats
. how students can use data to describe what they observe
. and much more

Take home a teaching resource kit to ensure your success using inquiry in
the classroom. Earn PDPs and/or graduate credit.
Course Fee: $250 (discounts for more than one teacher per school);
additional fees for graduate credit based on institution selected
($150-$280 for 4 credits)

Registration Deadline: June 1, 2010 (call for space after deadline)
For a complete brochure or to register visit, e-mail, or call 617-328-1515