Thursday, April 1, 2010

Harvard University Life Sciences Outreach 2010 Summer Program for Biology Teachers is now available online at:

The application deadline is April 16th.

This summer we will be exploring Biodiversity in terms of conservation, genetics, systems biology and disease.

The LS-HHMI Outreach invites 18 teachers to immerse themselves in current research and produce educational multimedia based on that research.

This ten-day program integrates faculty lectures and laboratories with curriculum development time and workshops in educational media and technology. The faculty lectures and laboratories led by post-doctoral fellows and graduate students are designed to deepen the knowledge base of high school teachers.

By the end of the program, each teacher will produce a classroom lesson that incorporates multimedia and presents some aspect of what they have learned in the program. In addition, groups of teachers draft animations of relevant biological processes with the help of professional Flash animators. All teacher-generated lessons and animations are available as resources on this website. Upon completion of the workshop, teachers receive a stipend. Previous summer topics have included the biology of cancer, immunology, and infectious disease, and neurobiology.

You can download and then submit your application, essay and resume via e-mail or mail. Please contact Tara Bennett
( with any questions regarding the program.

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