Monday, July 12, 2010

"Cancer and the Green Chemistry" - by Heinz Kerry, et al.


The Latin saying "mens sana in corpore sano' could be easily interpreted as (a) healthy living - in a healthy environment!
This is the real problem: how to prevent things from happening and being so harmful to Americans' health. My RET research with Prof. Akram Alshawabkeh, deals specifically with DNPLAs (pollutants) in Soil and Groundwater in the main island of Puerto Rico. High concentration levels of TCE/PCE (tetra/polychloroeathane) contaminants permeate local aquifers causing premature births at a rate of 20%, the highest in American states and territories. So, the article on "Green Chemistry" hits the nail right on the head, which is the environmental protection.
Prevention is better than remediation.
The article reinforced my concern addressed to a friend of mine, the economist Marco Beatrice, that remediation is necessary, but it isn't the final solution. Prevention is. As an economist, he summoned upon the markets as regulators of everything. So, the next question is if we cannot regulate the markets, at what extent human behavior can affect the change we all are looking for? "Green Chemistry" is definitely one of the long term solutions. The fact that this phenomenon is tackled by politically influential exponents, scientist and well established entrepreneurs has a relevant significance.
As in everything else that involve humane actions, peace or war, health or sickness, protection or destruction, If we ignore the cause, how can we prevent the phenomenon and really win the race? I believe that it will be possible by educating the people and especially the young generations by enabling them to be actively engaged in the process, by adequately gaining scientific literacy and being politically involved in their lives. The approach that NEU, BU and other university centers have taken by training the teachers at all levels, and involving the young scholars with direct field research experiences is the true, unique everlasting remediation. Ardian Mici RET-2010

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