Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Gordon-CenSSIS - Video series

Northeastern University's GORDON-CENSSIS and ALERT RELATED NEWS

NEW!!! Introducing ALERT Video Series - ALERT 101: Airport Screening Technologies - We invite you to watch the first episode of ALERT 101, which focuses on the applications of Millimeter Wave Scanning and Backscatter X-ray in airport security screening. Inspired by the success of TED (www.ted.com) and other educational media forums, ALERT has developed the ALERT 101 video series. Each video short will feature different technologies and research areas with which the ALERT Center engages. We hope that these productions help educate and inform the global community on these topics in an accessible and enjoyable way. To watch the video, visit the ALERT website here: http://www.northeastern.edu/alert/education-programs/alert-101/  

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