Saturday, August 8, 2009

Final Reflection Week 6

As I reflect back on my experience this summer, I am grateful I had the opportunity to work with the principal investigator and the graduate students in the DNA lab as well as the teachers and coordinators in the RET program at Northeastern University this summer. They all contributed to my professional growth as a teacher. Often my professional development consists of a one day workshop on a specific topic. This six week professional development opportunity gave me the chance to update my lab skills while expanding my knowledge of current DNA research. I also had the opportunity to network with a diverse group of teachers which broadened my perspectives on education. I had never been involved with Northeastern University until this summer, so I was amazed at the scope of educational opportunities and lab facilities available in the science area. The coordinators of the program, professors, and graduate students were all supportive of the RET program which made me feel welcome from the very first day.

Catherine Francis
Chemistry Teacher
North Reading H.S.
Prof. Beuning's DNA lab.

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