Saturday, August 1, 2009

Week # 5 : Lab Experiences

Last week my focus shifted from research to preparation of RET 2009, poster. I emailed my PowerPoint slides (for poster) to Prof. Nian Sun and his graduate student Guomin Yang.
Prof. Sun critically reviewed my poster content and made constructive comments. This required running some additional simulations on ANSOFT software. Prof. Sun was extremely pleased with the results of my simulations. He has approved purchase of a transducer for the antenna that I designed; Guomin will place an order with PI company soon. Friday morning , I visited the high permormance computer center at Harvard University. I could not visit the imaging department as the folks there were away on a conference.

Regarding poster preparation, I had to overcome some challenges on formating. However, persistence paid well and I am ready to roll now. I am looking forward to an exciting time next
week. There is lot to learn during presentations scheduled on Wednesday and Thursday.

Manju P.

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Jason Souza said...

Week 5 in the lab - This week was a great opportunity for applied knowledge & techniques. While our graduate student-researcher was away on vacation, Mr. Banks & I were able to successfully carry on with experimentation.

Some cell lines died over the weekend & we had to improvise. Some results came back weird, which led us to troubleshoot. When Mr. Vickers returned from vacation, we all went out to lunch with our P.I. where we were able to discuss life after RET 2009.

From lunch, we continued work on our poster. It looks great. We ended up striking our original design after much needed review from our graduate researcher & P.I.

I look forward to the sharing sessions to come.

-J. Souza