Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Last Week

I am not sure if we are posting as new posts all the time, or if we are using the comments to give each successive post to the same topic. We should try to standardize that format again, although being the last week it is probably not super important. This week was busy, just like the rest. There was a sense of urgency to get us to analyze our data and try to wrap up the project, but really there is no end to it. A paper should be written, and the data should be analyzed by someone that has more experience in the field. We presented our data to the grad students and professors that we were working under, mostly because we worked so independently the whole time that they wanted to know what we did. The final data was not conclusive though, so there will be more to work on next summer for who ever picks the torch up.
This is a picture of Peter doing what we do in the lab. It was supposed to be in the powerpoint presentation that happened Thursday morning, but for some reason the computers in the lab did not like the file format the the picture was saved in. Blogs are more exciting if you add pictures to illustrate what you are saying.

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