Monday, August 3, 2009

Week #5-A time for confluence and appreciation


I am always guided by a mantra that inspires me to always accentuate the positive. I exude it with my wife, children, friends, students colleagues. And now even though things haven’t been completely 100 per cent, but we’re shooting in the high 90’s!

In the fifth week, everything continued to come together beautifully. My research data was not only substantive and substantial in quantity, but also consistent with earlier results. The hysteresis simulation continued to correlate well with existing data-driven hysteresis curves. The lesson plan turned out beautifully and my entire RET experience continues to be nothing short of super. In addition, for me the poster was “A piece of cake.” And the planning for the modeling of my lesson was proceeding nicely too. I am sorry if anyone’s hasn’t gone so smoothly. Even when critical materials have seemingly vanished (e.g., an apparatus to demonstrate Lenz’s law disappears and then magically turns up right where it was supposed to be in the first place …).

The other program participants are terrific: warm, friendly, helpful, kind, generous, funny to the point of looney, and most of all real. Someone asked my at lunch, “What are you doing for the rest of the Summer?” I answered, “Taking it easy.” Yet I want to tell you that when things just “click for ya’,” then for me that’s a vacation.

Nothing seems to go wrong and so that being said, “Cancel the dumb last thought.”
I thank you each you!


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