Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Last Week Blog

The 2009 RET Summer is an awakening. This experience rekindled my love for research. The lab environment and having to work with eager young minds in a two way learning mode was both refreshing and enlightening. Usually in the school year, Im the expert but with this summer experience I am a peer learner with the other BU engineering students. Everybody learns from one another. This experience also propelled me to complete my PhD application for computer science. Hope I get in.

I recommend this program to other teachers who want to rekindle their love for research. For those who may have never experienced a research environment, this is an opportunity to connect to another means of experiencing learning. Of course we have our seminars or conferences, but these tend to be passive learning and research is active learning and one has the opportunity to create knowledge to inform one's teaching.

I think we need to have more than 6 six weeks to do research. 8 weeks would be ideal as some experiments or projects take longer to do. Also the admin housekeeping took some days off from lab time and additional time may be needed.

Also the timing of the lesson presentation should be advanced a bit. The feedback can be used to change some items on the final poster. Having the lesson presentation in the last week might be a bit late already.

I suggest a project management session for future RET teachers. This involves learning MS Project and using it in the lab setting. I am open to teach a session on this for next year. I have taught project management in my college.

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